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Kids' Kidney Transplants Keep Getting Better
Receiving a new organ is a complex and sometimes unsettling process for children and their families. But when it comes to kidney transplants, the news just keeps getting better.
Urine May Reveal Heart Risk in Young Diabetes Patients
For adults with diabetes, a urine test can spot those at risk for heart and kidney disease. The same test may also work for young people with type 1 diabetes.
Good News for Kids With Kidney Disease
For children with end stage kidney disease, dialysis may be necessary to survive. Over the past 20 years, improvements in dialysis have led to lower rates of death.
Can Secondhand Smoke Hurt Kids' Kidneys?
Smoking can do more than damage your lungs and give you bad breath. It's also linked to kidney disease in adults – and possibly in children as well.
More Than Meets the Eye
Often, birth defects occur because of variations in children's genes. Researchers are learning that those genetic differences can also influence other disorders.
Blood Problem Linked to Transplant Loss
Kidney transplants can save the lives of children with kidney failure. But not all children's bodies accept the new kidneys. After transplant surgery, the goal for doctors is to keep the new organ in good running order.
Cranberry Juice Helps Treat Kids' UTIs
A urinary tract infection ( UTI ) can be painful and annoying, especially for children. Here’s a tip: You may be able to treat repeat UTIs  more quickly by giving your child a glass of cranberry juice a day, reports a recent study.
New Strains of HUS Have New Vaccine
Frightening times await parents of infants who are in the intensive care unit (ICU). Is there something that could have been done to prevent the lockdown in the ICU?