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Glue Ear: Resolving the Sticky Problem
For parents and children alike, hearing problems can be troubling. However, a simple, nonsurgical procedure could help treat one common ear condition.
Hear More Words, Speak More Words: Hearing Aids in Kids
Hearing loss makes it difficult to understand others who speak to you. But for children, hearing loss also makes learning speech and language more difficult.
White Noise Machines Can Be Too Loud for Babies
Crickets, ocean waves, trains, heartbeat, wind, white noise… these are just a few sounds available in infant noise machines. But how wise is it to use these while babies sleep?
Baby Hearing Tests Don’t Predict Future
Parents are relieved when their babies pass their first hearing tests. But new research suggests they should take these results with a grain of salt.
RA Drug Slows Damage of Rare Disease
Inflammation is at the root of many common diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis. As such, it may be possible that certain rheumatoid arthritis drugs also can treat other inflammatory diseases.
What Did You Say?
With ever increasing advances in medical care technology, remote diagnosing certainly isn't unheard of. It's a much newer field when it comes to hearing screenings.