Health News

Another Risk for Babies of Smoking Moms
Women have been told it's important not to smoke while they're pregnant. Some women may not realize how much smoking in pregnancy might affect their children later on.
Language Challenges for Children of Teens
Having a baby as a teenager can present various challenges to these new, young moms. Those challenges may influence the way their children develop as well.
No Help, No Harm from Extra Steroids in Pregnancy
Some pregnant women are at higher risk than others for having their baby too early. These women are often given a medication to reduce risks to their babies.
Growing a Baby in Dirty Air
The environment around a pregnant woman can influence a growing baby. High levels of pollution may be one thing that affects a developing baby.
If Goldilocks Had a Baby
By the time a mother's due date nears, she's often more than ready to meet her child and lose the big tummy. But an extra week or two at term may be a good thing.
Risks and Benefits of Sharing a Bed
One of the challenges of having a newborn is getting up throughout the night for feedings. Some women who breastfeed may choose to sleep alongside their baby in the same bed.
The Early Baby Doesn't Always Get the Worm
For different reasons, preemies are known to face greater challenges than other children as they grow up. The closer to full term a child's birth is, the greater the likelihood is of good health.
How Can Preterm Birth Affect a Child?
Babies born very early during pregnancy can be at risk of having developmental issues. But how exactly are preterm offspring's lives affected?
Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Epilepsy
Pregnant women with a chronic condition must balance the benefits of medication with the possible risks to their child. This is true especially for women with epilepsy.
Breastfeeding Struggles Matter for Women
The majority of women expecting their first child plan to breastfeed, based on past research. But their plans don't always work out as they expect.