Health News

Discussing Tea Time with Prenatal Docs?
Pregnant women have so many things to consider and discuss with their doctors as they prepare for birth, including the use of supplements or natural remedies. But is this subject getting enough discussion time between patients and physicians?
New Baby, Older Mom
Having a baby as you approach middle age can be an unexpected surprise or a long hoped-for blessing. But there are risks to having babies as women grow older.
Doctor of the Day is the OB/GYN
Beyond a family practice or internal medicine doctor, women can visit their gynecologists for medical issues. Obstetrics and gynecology doctors, or OB/GYNs, can provide the same medical expertise and advice as a regular doctor.
Being Choosy with Birth Control
Women can choose from a variety of birth control methods, such as the pill, the ring and the patch. The differences between these methods may influence a woman's choice of birth control.
Medicine Approved to Ease Painful Sex
Pain during sex can be a problem for the 32 million post-menopausal women across the United States. A new medicine could ease the pain.
Robotic Surgery Seems Safe But Pricey
Robot technology is being used in surgical settings, but can cost a pretty penny. If two surgeries are equally safe, the less expensive procedure may be best.
From Smog to Small Babies
In hopes of having a healthy baby, most women try to make good choices during their pregnancies. Some choices, like which foods to eat and what exercise to do, are easy to make. But they can't always choose the air they breathe.
DIY Test for STD Works
Uh oh, maybe you need to get checked out down there for some not-so-fun disease. A test you can do yourself (with some help) can figure it out and it works very well.
Pediatricians Warn of Pesticide Exposure
Residues from pesticides are all around us: in the air, in our food, in dust, in soil. Whether used in farming or in homes, these chemicals can affect children exposed to them.
Reading and Teen Pregnancy
Social inequality has long been linked to higher rates of teen pregnancy, but can anything be specifically targeted to help prevent teen pregnancy?