Health News

Can You Prevent Depression Before It Arrives?
Mental health disorders can be challenging to treat in some patients. In a perfect world, a condition like depression could be prevented before it occurs. That may sometimes be possible for at-risk teens.
Menthols Remain Popular With Teens
Menthol cigarettes are no safer than regular cigarettes. But the unique flavor and “cooling” effect may be especially appealing to teens and young adults.
Parents Team Up with Doctors for ADHD
With many medical conditions, a variety of treatments may be available to choose from. Parents can sometimes play a role in helping doctors select appropriate treatments for their child.
Too Many Teens Smoking, Drinking, Using
It’s not exactly a surprise to hear that some teens may drink, smoke or use drugs. But the sheer number of teens engaging in these behaviors may be a bit of a shock.
Don't Blame the Game
Video games often get a bad rep for causing all sorts of problems among youth. Violence in games especially concerns some people, but is the concern justified?
Autistic Children Choosing How to Play
For children, playtime is learning time. For children with autism, the type of play may be very important. A new study suggests that autistic children may choose certain kinds of activities and avoid others.
Pop Singers Advertise Alcohol Brands
Popular music artists often sing about partying and drinking. Many underage kids listen to those songs, which sometimes can sound like advertisements for specific brands of alcohol.
More Pillow Time, Less Weight Worries for Teens
Teens may be famous for not getting all the sleep they need — or getting too much. Either way, getting sufficient sleep may be important for both their weight and mental health.
Smoking Losing Popularity Among Teens
Smokers tend to pick up the habit earlier rather than later in life. Fortunately, getting ahold of cigarettes has become tougher and fewer teens are lighting up these days.
Stop Smoking in Teens Before It Starts
Smoking is linked to many more health problems than bad breath and lung cancer. The key to preventing the health issues is to prevent children and teens from starting to smoke in the first place.