Health News

Some Kids' Stress Might Mean Weight Gain
Children respond to stressful life events in different ways, just as adults do. However, one common result may be a higher risk of becoming overweight.
Kids Get Their Empty Calories From All Over
To prevent childhood obesity, it is important to know the kinds of unhealthy foods kids may be eating. Just as important to know, though, may be where kids are getting these unhealthy foods from.
Marketing Burgers and Fries Straight to Kids
Parents may try to teach their kids about healthy eating, but advertisers for unhealthy foods can also get messages straight to children. A new report out of Yale University explored the state of fast food marketing to kids.
Troubles Rare for Teens After Weight Loss Surgery
Obese adults sometimes choose weight loss surgery as a way to avoid the health risks that come with extra weight. New research suggests that weight loss surgery may be a safe option for severely obese teens as well.
Boys Burned More Calories With Strength Training
Lifting weights may not sound like a typical activity for preteens. But perhaps it's something that more schools or communities may want to consider offering older children.
Many Girls May Be Reaching Puberty Earlier
It might seem as though young girls are growing up faster than ever these days. But there may be some truth in that beyond just casual observations.
When Kids Sleep Less, They May Eat More
Children need sufficient sleep each night to function. But getting enough sleep might also affect other aspects of health, such as their weight.
Sports Specialization Tied to Higher Injury Risk
Kids grow — they become stronger, faster and taller. But for child athletes who grow with their sport and become more focused on that one sport, their chances of getting injured may go up.
Obesity Weighs Heavily on Kid Hearts
An estimated one out of three children is overweight or obese in the US. To address this problem, many pediatricians from around the country gathered to discuss approaches that may help.
Exercise Earns an A+
The next time your children want to play outside for an extra 30 minutes, you might want to let them. More exercise now could lead to better grades in the future.