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Parental Conflicts Create Child’s Problems
A child’s first glimpse of the world is through his or her parents. These early experiences will significantly shape who he or she become later in life, and marital problems may have long lasting negative effects.
Multi-tasking Makes Us Feel Good
Media multitasking is becoming ever more popular but some studies have shown that our cognitive abilities may be reduced by it. If multitasking actually reduces productivity, why are more and more people doing it? A new study suggests that the cause may be emotional. Students self-reported that they felt higher levels of emotional satisfaction after media multitasking despite being less focused. You may work and study more effectively without multi-tasking. "There's this myth among some people that multitasking makes them more productive," said Zheng Wang, PhD, assistant profess...
Achy Breaky Heart: The Story of Stress
Coronary Artery Disease is a major cause of death in the U.S., affecting many more men than women. Stress has been linked to increased heart disease in women, but not men. New information may tell us why.
Husbands of Breast Cancer
Men taking care of their wives during breast cancer treatment undergo a significant amount of stress and anxiety. In fact, it could cause men’s health to decline - even years after the completion of cancer treatment.
Dog Day Afternoon - at Work
If you're feeling dog-tired at your dog-eat-dog workplace, consider asking the top dog for a special kind of stress relief - permission to bring your pet dog to work with you.
If You Don't Snooze, You Lose
If you're not getting enough good quality sleep, it's not just your energy that might be lagging. Your immune system likely isn't holding up well to stress either.
Bullying Cases Increase Thoughts of Suicide
When you get a call home that your child has been involved in a bullying case—as the bully or the bullied—addressing and correcting the issues could prevent future psychological distress.
One Cure for Crankiness: Drink Water
If you're waiting until you feel thirsty before drinking water, then you're waiting too long. And without proper hydration, you're likely to feel moody, anxious and unable to concentrate.
Nature Reduces Stress
If you don't see green when you look out the window, you're at greater risk of mental and behavioral health issues, a new study suggests.
Treat Grief With Love Not Drugs
One of the world’s leading general medical journals just expressed its concerns about changes in the upcoming edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V).