Health News

Hey Girls! Let's Dance
Teen girls that seem generally healthy may still struggle with their self-image. This struggle can sometimes lead to later health problems. But there's a possible solution: Just dance!
Poor Economy Linked to Suicides
As Europeans have struggled with their economic crisis, suicides on that continent have been increasing. Unfortunately, the same has been true here in the US.
Caregiving: Trusting in Self
Caring for a loved one with dementia can be stressful. Believing in yourself and having spiritual beliefs may help offset some of the stress. A recent study found that two qualities worked together to help dementia caregivers deal with stress.
Angry, Anxious, or All of the Above?
In the grocery store your toddler throws a tantrum, everyone turns to watch as you attempt to handle the situation. You are probably feeling embarrassed, angry, and frustrated.
Have You Been Screened for Depression?
Everyone has their good and bad days. But when the bad days are significantly outnumbering the good ones, how do you know if it might be depression? You seek help to find out.
Real Life for Olympians
It's been over a month since the London 2012 games ended. Athletes like Michael Phelps who threw in the towel for the last time may have quite the battle getting used to life away from the arena.
Kids Feel Mother Nature's Stress
The damage has only just begun. After Hurricane Isaac struck the coast this week, the destruction may also be hidden in the children.
"Top Gun" Director Tony Scott Dies
Tony Scott, the man who brought movies like "Top Gun," "Enemy of the State" and "Man on Fire" to the big screen, died Sunday in an apparent suicide at age 68.
Watch for Teen Suicide Signs
While adolescence tends to be a tough time for most people, the experience can become overwhelming when multiple pressures or problems are occurring at once.
Why do Brains Shrink From Depression?
Can major depression and chronic stress actually make the volume of the brain shrink? According to researchers at Yale, the answer is yes.