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Anxious and Moody, Tossing and Turning
Managing multiple mental health conditions, like a mood disorder and an anxiety disorder, can be more challenging than managing just one. It can also make insomnia worse.
Generic Depression Drug Pulled
The generic versions of brand name drugs are only approved for use if they are chemically identical to the brand name drug. But a generic of Wellbutrin differs too much.
Turn Off the Night Light to Feel Better?
City lights, computers, TVs, cell phones, night lights — we live in a world with plenty of dim light interrupting the darkness at night. This may not be good for our mental health.
Mindfulness and Autism
Autism is a lifelong developmental disorder that can affect a person in many areas, including his or her mental health.
Don't Let Confusion Take Over
It may seem normal for elderly people to become confused or forgetful, but this is not usually just "normal aging." Severe confusion can be an indication of delirium.
Different Types of Post-Baby Suffering
There is more than one way to hurt after having a baby. Postpartum depression is a real and serious condition. So is abuse from your partner, and the two are linked.
Depressed Vets at Risk for Early Death
Although veterans are at risk for developing post-traumatic stress syndrome, they also should be aware for other mental health conditions, such as a depression.
"Top Gun" Director Tony Scott Dies
Tony Scott, the man who brought movies like "Top Gun," "Enemy of the State" and "Man on Fire" to the big screen, died Sunday in an apparent suicide at age 68.
Watch for Teen Suicide Signs
While adolescence tends to be a tough time for most people, the experience can become overwhelming when multiple pressures or problems are occurring at once.
Prenatal Yoga for Prenatal Depression
While most people have heard of postpartum depression, prenatal depression can also affect about one in five women. Yoga might be one method to deal with these emotions.