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How Women's Hearts Respond to Statins
Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women, and statins are one of the most common methods for preventing it. However, not many women-specific studies on statins exist.
Two Treatments to Unblock Arteries in Diabetes
In some cases, diabetes patients may turn to surgery and other procedures to treat their heart problems. There are many different procedures to treat any number of heart-related issues, and researchers have been curious which one is best for diabetes patients with narrowed arteries.
Cholesterol Rx May Fight Gum Disease
Studies have shown a link between gum disease and heart disease; both are driven by inflammation. Now it seems that link also may extend to treatments for heart problems — statins, which lower cholesterol, may help reduce gum inflammation.
Stents Affect Post-Surgery Heart Risks
Stenting is a common way to treat atherosclerosis or clogged arteries. For patients who are having noncardiac surgery after stent placement, timing is everything.
Cholesterol Rx May Benefit Bypass Surgery
To reduce “bad” cholesterol, patients commonly take medications called statins. Receiving this treatment before bypass surgery may reduce the risk of post-surgery complications.
Can a Blood Pressure Rx Unclog Arteries?
Because many heart and vascular health issues are interrelated, a recent study examined whether a blood pressure medication could help prevent clogged arteries in the heart.
Heart Disease: It’s Not Just for Men
Coronary artery disease is seen by many as a man's disease. This potentially fatal heart problem, though, strikes at least as many women as men.
Two Meds to Guard the Diabetic Heart
High blood pressure is twice as likely to strike a person with diabetes than without. While several medications are commonly used to control blood pressure, two may have extra benefits for the heart of diabetes patients.
Hormones Are No Heart Shield for Women
Women thinking about therapy to normalize their hormone levels have lots to keep in mind. For one, hormone therapy might not protect the heart.
A Gut Check Could Predict Heart Attack
Your abdominal aorta supplies blood to all major abdominal organs and the legs. If it becomes blocked, not only may organs and legs suffer, it can be a harbinger of a future heart attack. Spotting such blockage can warn doctors of this risk in their patients.