Health News

Signature Genetic Material Leads to Stroke
Strokes can be tough to treat. Scientists have discovered a common genetic thread with plaques that can build up and lead to stroke. It could be a key piece of the puzzle in new treatments.
Type of Heart Disease Linked to Dementia
Dementia can be brought on by a number of risk factors. One of the most surprising that has recently been linked to the cognitive impairment, however, is a type of heart condition involving restricted arteries.
FDA Approves Cardiac Drug Ticagrelor
After a lengthy regulation process, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved blood-thinning drug Brilinta (ticagrelor) to treat patients with acute coronary syndromes.
New Technology Reveals Coronary Artery Cells
Doctors have many different imaging technologies available to diagnose and treat patients. Viewing tiny arteries, particularly in heart patients, has proven much more difficult.
Reason for Higher Heart Risk in Blacks Found
It's long been noted that African-Americans are at an increased risk for heart attacks, but the reason remained unknown. Investigators have now discovered a potential reason for the higher heart risk.
Avoiding a Bypass
Just the thought of a bypass operation is scary for most people. But it may be that lower risk heart patients can opt for a surgery that is just as effective only not as invasive.
Better Outcomes with Coordinated Heart Care
Most of us assume if we needed a transfer to a larger hospital for heart attack treatment that it would happen quickly and efficiently. At times the transfers to open blocked arteries happen rapidly.
Cardiac Patients Not Getting Needed Drugs
Millions suffer some from some type of heart disease; from high cholesterol to more complicated heart issues. For many patients treatment is as easy as a simple daily medication.
Transplants Treated Badly
A kidney transplant can save a patient's life. However, many patients can run into problems after getting a new organ. One of those health problems is narrowed arteries, a condition that may play a part in the rejection of transplanted kidneys.
How Lupus Narrows Your Arteries
People with lupus have a higher risk of narrowed arteries - the blood vessels that deliver blood to the organs. While past studies have not shown what causes this higher risk, new research sheds some light on the link between lupus and narrowed arteries.