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Disrupting Prostate Cancer Metabolism
Just as we do, cancer cells have their own metabolism. It's how they nourish themselves to keep growing. Zeroing in on this activity and specific genes associated with cell metabolism opens up a whole new world of therapeutic possibilities.
Protecting Boys From Prostate Cancer
Circumcising male babies has been done for religious reasons for centuries. The practice has been consistent in the United States with the exception of a downturn in the 1970s .
Prostate Cancer Vaccine Enhanced
While widely researched, highly sought after and well-funded, vaccines for most cancers aren't easy to implement. Since a vaccine trains the immune system to attack foreign cells, and cancer cells are still human, the level of precision is difficult.
Some Cancer Treatments may do Harm
Prostate cancer does not always have to be treated. If it's slow growing, active surveillance may be the best course. For older men who have other conditions, prostate cancer probably ought to be left alone.
Infertility - an Advantage Against Prostate Cancer
Children are the future, as they say. But new research into prostate cancer shows, maybe your children say something about your future, too.
Enlightened Prostate & Pancreatic Cancer Possiblities
Laser light has a number of medical applications. In the oncology world, it's mainly used in combination with drugs to treat skin cancer. The horizon is opening up, though, for this technology.
Currying Favors Against Prostate Cancer
Turmeric - the Indian curry spice - has been spicing up the cancer world for a while now. Why? Because its main ingredient curcumin has been shown to calm inflammation and have anti-cancer properties.
Unlikely Drug Combo for Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer doesn't occur in isolation, and recent research may give some peace of mind to prostate cancer patients already on medication for arthritis or high cholesterol.
Hearty Cancer Predictor
Heart health can be improved with lifestyle changes - weight loss, exercise and a healthy diet. It may be that these changes also reduce a man's risk of prostate cancer.
New Urine Test for Prostate Cancer
For men at risk for prostate cancer or diagnosed with a slowly progressive prostate cancer, the options to track the tumor are limited. A new urine test may allow men to avoid biopsies.