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Viral Differences in Cervical Cancer
Most, if not all, cervical cancers are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). There are 40 different types of this virus. HPV types linked to cervical cancer may be different in women of different races.
Teenagers Could Handle Their Parents' Cancer
Imagine you’re a teenager, and you learn your mom or dad has cancer. How would you react? Researchers recently looked at how teenagers coped when a parent had cancer.
No Worries for the HPV Vaccine
One of the only vaccines that is known to prevent some forms of cancer is the HPV vaccine. Those who might worry about its safety have no reason to fear.
Radiation Type Treats Kids Gently
Radiation treatment is used to treat all different types of cancer. And there are different types of radiation that are given in various ways. Recently, researchers found a type of radiation that may be particularly helpful for young patients.
Growing Awareness of Childhood Cancer
September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. It’s designed to spread the word that, while 80 percent of youngsters diagnosed with the disease beat it, even one death is too many. This article covers some facts and figures and offers a progress report on childhood cancer.
Mystery Surrounds HPV Vaccination Patterns
Cervical cancer isn’t all that common in this country anymore. Virtually all of the cases that do develop arise because of the human papillomavirus (HPV). Two vaccines are available to attack the major cancer-causing strains of this virus. But not all young women get vaccinated.
Some Children Have Greater Cancer Risks
Moms-to-be naturally worry about the health of their babies. By and large, this worry is a waste of energy. However, birth defects do occur in about three out of every 100 infants. And some of these babies may also be at risk for other health problems.
Checking in on the HPV Vaccine
Health officials celebrated when a safe and effective vaccine to protect against HPV (human papillomavirus) was made available to the public.  But a vaccine can't protect the public if it isn't being used.
Do Parents Know the Risks of CT Scans?
The more a doctor can learn about a child's injury, the better the doctor is usually able to treat it. But extra tests carry extra risks too. Parents may not always know the risks of tests like CT scans.
HPV Vaccine Scores Home Run
Only one vaccine currently protects against an infection that can directly cause cancer — the HPV vaccine. Good news about that vaccine is that research is showing that it's working very well.