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Kidney Cancer Genes?
For a lot of medical conditions the relationship between genetics and disease is fuzzy, but for people born with errors in a certain gene known as Von-Hippel Lindau ( VHL ), the link to kidney cancer clear. New research reveals more information about the complex relationship between genes and cancer.
Partial Surgery for Kidney Cancer
Treating cancer by surgery began with the idea of removing as much tissue as possible to make sure there was no cancer left behind. This belief has slowly begun to change over years with research pointing to new therapies.
Living for Years With Stage 4 Cancer
One can't have a much more serious health issue than stage 4 cancer. Treatment options are often limited and those that are available could be extremely expensive.
Is Birthwort bad for the Kidney?
People have used herbal remedies for thousands of years to treat illness, lose weight, and boost their health in general. The effectiveness of many of these remedies remains unclear. Some may even be harmful.
Fatal Side Effects in 3 Cancer Therapies
Targeted therapies are among the latest advances in treating cancer. They target specific genetic defects an individual has. And while the benefits are impressive, some of these drugs do have dangerous side effects.
Inhaling Kidney Cancer Risks
Lung cancer. Cardiovascular disease. Oral cancer. These are just a few of the accelerated risks smokers live with and could - well you know. Another form of cancer has been added to the list.
Protein Slows One Cancer and Forms Another
Genes and the proteins they carry are increasingly seen as key players in the formation and spread of cancer. An interesting twist has come into play with one protein that both fights and promotes cancer.
Acetaminophen Linked to Kidney Cancer Risk
For any ache that's major or minor, one has a readily available painkiller to use. This may relieve short-term pain but may increase the risk of getting kidney cancer in the long-term.
Nonaspirin NSAIDs Linked to Kidney Cancer
Popular pain relievers have long been thought to be harmless. Such is not the case, it turns out. Care needs to be taken with everything you put in your system.
Bullseye Cancer Therapy
Killing healthy cells and tissue is one of the downsides of traditional cancer therapies. A team of scientists is in the process of "painting a bullseye on cancer cells" to remedy this problem.