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I Just Called to Say I'm Okay
If making an appointment to see the psychiatrist or therapist for your regular therapy is a hassle, here's some good news. A phone therapy session may be just as helpful.
Depression and Ketamine
Ketamine , a powerful sedative, has been helpful in treating some people with depression. However, very little research has been published on the effects of this treatment.
Long-time Depression Linked to Bipolar Disorder
The lows of bipolar disorder are much like depression, but are they related? A recent study found that long-time depression can change to bipolar for some people.
Depression is Risky?
Most children with bipolar disorder will not attempt suicide, but the ones who do have a few things in common. Noticing these common risk factors can help prevent suicide attempts.
Does Pollen Make Bipolar Depression Worse?
Do allergic reactions affect bipolar depression? Could an immune reaction to pollen compromise one's mental health?
Milk Fights off Teenage Mental Health
It’s summertime, and for some teens that means soaking up the sun. But could getting the right amounts of vitamin D affect more than just skin?
Anxiety Linked to Impulsivity in Depression
Impulsivity is the tendency to act without thinking ahead. People with major depressive disorder ( MDD ) or bipolar disorder may be more impulsive when they also have anxiety symptoms.
Early Arrival May Affect Mental Health
Babies born ahead of their time might need more than tiny clothes. They may also require parents to be more vigilant for signs of developing mental illness in their children.
Antipsychotic Drug may Help Depression
Mixed mood states are those that have symptoms of depression and mania. They can occur in bipolar disorder and major depression, but treating the mixed state has been difficult.
Electric Depression