Health News

Syndrome Affects Vision But Not Eyesight
Imagine being able to see an object, but not be able to reach for it, identify it or understand it in context of its surroundings. For those living with Balint’s syndrome, this is an everyday reality that changes their entire way of life.
Heart Drug Doesn't Cut Bypass Complications
An experimental medication designed to protect the heart from injury during coronary artery bypass surgery does not appear to reduce serious complications including stroke or dying.
Most Carotid Surgery Patients Surviving 5 Years
Following surgery to widen narrowed carotid arteries in the neck, most patients are still alive five years later. However, high-risk patients appear to have such a low survival risk that they may not be alive to see the surgery's benefit.
Carotid Stent Riskier Than Surgery
Among patients with blocked arteries in their neck, surgery may be the way to go. A surgical procedure to remove plaque build up in the neck's carotid artery has been found to have fewer serious risks than a less-invasive stent.
Gum Disease Doesn't Cause Heart Disease
Though they share common risk factors, gum disease does not appear to cause heart disease or stroke. A new statement also reveals that treating gum disease is not proven to prevent stroke or plaque build up in the heart.
Carotid Artery Stents Safe for Grandpa
As patients are living longer, the need to assess heart treatments for the elderly has increased. Investigators have found that placing a stent in the neck's carotid artery of patients over the age of 70 is both safe and effective.
Goldilocks Sleep Best for Heart
If you're feeling sleepy or irritable during the day, you may not be getting enough sleep. And not enough sleep could mean you're at higher risk for a range of heart problems.
Fish Oil Helps Teensy Hearts
Babies unable to grow to the size they're genetically supposed to reach suffer from intrauterine growth restriction, a risk factor for future cardiovascular problems.
Stents Prevent Stroke in High Risk Patients
High risk patients with carotid artery disease are not eligible for traditional surgery to remove plaque clogging a key neck artery. A stent to prop the artery open now appears to be a safer option for such high risk patients.
Stroke Risk Not Improved After Surgery
Following a mini-stroke patients are at a heightened risk for a stroke.  Many take precautions to make sure that doesn't happen. However, some methods for stroke prevention are not proving to be effective protection.