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Months More of Life
Any time the word “advanced” goes before a type of cancer, that’s not good. Advanced cancers have either spread, come back or no longer respond to therapy.
Tough on Cancer, Gentle on the Woman
Cervical cancer that’s caught early is very treatable and often curable. Treatment may include a combination of surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Two large studies have zeroed in on a particular type of radiotherapy.
When a Pap Smear Just Isn’t Enough
If Pap smear results come back as abnormal, don't panic. An HPV test might help shed a little light on what exactly "abnormal" means for some tests.
Don’t Let Cervical Cancer Get You Down
Kicking cervical cancer to the curb takes an emotional and physical toll. It may take a little time to figure out how to improve the quality of life for the first couple years after surgery.
Whole Body Matters in Cervical Cancer
An increased risk for cervical cancer may be found in women who have a combination of other health concerns. Fortunately, a healthy diet and exercise can help.
Rx May Lengthen Life with Cervical Cancer
Good news has been released for women whose cervical cancer has spread, returned or no longer responds to therapy. A drug used for a number of different cancers may help these women live longer.
No Need to Over-Screen
Cervical cancer rates are so low in certain groups, the medical community no longer recommends bothering with routine screening. But in groups at risk, screening rates should be higher.
Ladies with Lupus Skipping Paps
For women under 30, yearly screening is one of the best ways to detect cervical cancer. Unfortunately, many women with lupus - a condition linked to cervical problems - may be skipping out on screening.
Screening for DES Daughters
Regular cervical screenings are never a bad idea - especially for ladies born between 1947-1971, if their moms were given diethylstilbestrol to prevent miscarrying or premature birth.
New School Vs. Old School Paps
What type of Pap smear do gynecologists use? If the sampling method is the same, a patient may not know what type of lab techniques are used to search for cervical cancers.