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Everyday Is a Good Day for HIV Testing
If you want to play a role in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS, there are two great ways to do so. First, get tested. Next, get involved in this year's National HIV Testing Day.
Knowing the Options: HIV/AIDS Testing
The only way to get treatment for HIV and/or AIDS is to know that you have it. The first step to finding out if you have HIV is getting tested. So how does testing work?
Getting Tested For STD Knowledge
How much do you really know about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)? Is it enough to motivate you to get tested?
Gonorrhea Rates Way Up in England **bob**
The bugs are fighting back: a certain STD strain has increased resistance to common drug treatments across England and Wales.
New Method to Lower HIV Risk
Training individuals who use illegal injection drugs on safer practices may help other drug users in the community improve safety. Safer practices could lower risk of spreading HIV.
That Sex Talk With Mom and Dad
The "talk" — teens don't really want to hear it. Parents don't really like bringing it up. But sex is kind of a big deal.
DIY Test for STD Works
Uh oh, maybe you need to get checked out down there for some not-so-fun disease. A test you can do yourself (with some help) can figure it out and it works very well.
Sex When it's Not Sexy
It's risky business having sex. Getting intimate with a partner who does reckless activities can lead women to some yucky infections.
STD on the Rise in Finland
It's a silent disease without symptoms. But this STD is quietly infecting more and more young adults around the globe.
It's Test Day: Get Tested for HIV
On June 27, National HIV Testing Day encourages all Americans to learn their HIV status. It may be the most important test you take!