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RA Meds Didn't Boost Infection Risk
Avoiding infection is a big concern for patients who are planning on having surgery. And new research sheds light on how rheumatoid arthritis patients should prepare for upcoming surgery.
Lack of Social Ties Linked to Pain after Hip Replacement
If you're a social butterfly, it may do you some good if you're about to undergo hip replacement surgery.
Joint Surgery Decline for RA Patients
Given the choice, many people might rather pop a pill than go under the knife for surgery. And based on new research from Sweden, it seems that more and more rheumatoid arthritis patients may not need surgery due to modern medication.
FDA Approves Two Meds for New Use
New options developed this week for patients coping with two very different arthritic conditions. T he US  Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved two medications for treatment of both rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.
RA and Related Conditions Worldwide
As treatments for rheumatoid arthritis have improved, the long-term outlook for patients also has become much better. But other conditions linked to rheumatoid arthritis can still be a barrier to an otherwise healthy life.
Exercise for RA: Heart and Lungs Benefit
Rheumatoid arthritis can cause pain and tenderness in joints, so patients frequently become sedentary. A new study may give people with the disease a new reason to move.
Can Magnetic Bracelets Relieve Pain?
Copper and magnetic bracelets that supposedly relieve pain can be found on TV ads, online and in stores. But do they actually work?
Arthritis and Depression: It's Not All In Your Head
Arthritis, which can lead to painful bones and joint damage, is a physical condition. However, according to recent research, it may also affect patients' mental health.
Knowledge is Power for RA
When it comes to dealing with chronic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, being able to understand the health information you receive from doctors can make a big difference in effective disease management.
The Ache on the Joints of Bigger Women
Excessive pounds can put added pressure on the joints of obese individuals. Man or woman, that added pressure may contribute to arthritis. But new research suggests that obesity may have a bigger impact on arthritis in women than in men.