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A Bigger Mama Means a Bigger Baby
Worried about having to push an exceptionally large baby come delivery day? One thing you can do to make this less likely is to be a normal weight before you're pregnant.
Nutrition Fights Off Gestational Obesity
When you’re pregnant, doctors advise you to keep your weight in check to ensure that mama and baby stay healthy. But often, they don’t tell moms exactly how to manage their weight.
Moms Pass on More Than Genes
Researchers already knew that overweight moms generally gave birth to children who became overweight too. But the health impact of obesity during pregnancy doesn't stop there.
Mom's Weight & Kids' Test Scores
Shedding pounds before getting pregnant can reduce a number of health risks - but it may also add a few points to your child's reading and math scores. A recent study has found a link between a mother's weight before pregnancy and their children's cognitive skills: obese women's children score lower on math and reading tests when they were 5 to 7 years old. Get to a healthy weight before becoming pregnant. Lead author Rika Tanda , a nursing doctoral candidate at Ohio State University, and colleagues wanted to investigate potential connections between a mother's pre-pregnancy ob...
Leave Out the Cereal, Mom
If money is always low and stress or depression is always high, moms may be overfeeding their babies - and thereby increasing their kids' risks of obesity. A recent unpublished study being presented at a conference found that the unhealthy practice of adding cereal to babies' bottles tends to occur more often among low-income mothers who are single and/or showing symptoms of depression or high stress. Don't add cereal to your baby's bottle. Lead author Candice Taylor Lucas, MD, a an associate professor of pediatrics at New York University School of Medicine and Bellevue Hospital...
Air Pollution Link to Childhood Obesity
It may not just be chicken nuggets and french fries adding too much weight to children's waistlines. The very air pregnant women breathe might play a small role too.
Moms: Lose Weight Before Pregnancy
Every parent's hope is to bring a healthy baby into the world. Women planning a pregnancy can increase those chances by first taking a good look at their own health - and their weight.
Even a Little Overweight is Bad for Baby
If you think being just a little overweight won't present problems for your pregnancy, think again. Addressing your weight could mean a safer delivery for you and your baby.
Preemies' Brains Related to Mom's Gains
Extremely premature babies are already at high risk for impaired brains, but those born to obese mothers may be at even more a disadvantage.
What You Gain Won't Affect Baby's Brain
Although gaining too much or too little weight during pregnancy can cause problems for the baby, cognitive problems are not among them.