Health News

What If You Can't Wait to Get Pregnant?
Women who are obese may choose to undergo weight loss surgery. If they do and they plan to have children, how long should they wait to get pregnant?
Lose Weight in 140 Characters
Go ahead and tweet that post to your exercise buddy. It may just help shed unwanted pounds. Twitter usage can help people lose weight through the social networking site by supporting others in their attempts to get leaner.
Before You Take Drugs for Weight Loss
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved two new weight loss medications. They caution against using these drugs to lose a few “vanity” pounds.
Getting Healthy at the Workplace
It's easy for workers to fall into a rut of unhealthy habits. Most jobs don't make it easy or convenient to eat right and exercise. But it doesn't have to be that way.
Moms - Babies Know Best
Researchers are learning more about how obesity develops from complex factors beyond just eating too much. One factor may be a fear of not having enough food for one's children. A recent study reveals that food insecurity, or the anxiety about whether a person will have enough food to be sure their family is well fed, might play a part in why some children go on to become severely overweight. Follow your doctor's recommendations on feeding your baby. Rachel Gross, MD, an assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Children's...
Looking for ways to Minimize Radiation
If you're obese and scheduled for a CT scan, here's something you may not know: you're possibly receiving more radiation from the scan than those of a healthy weight would receive.
FDA and FTC to Remove Homeopathic Products from the Market
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today issued seven Warning Letters to companies marketing over-the counter (OTC) HCG products that are labeled as “homeopathic” for weight loss.
Reducing Risks Could Cut Alzheimer's
Moderate lifestyle changes may seem small, but they can provide large returns in better health. Exercising and smoking cessation are among modifiable changes capable of reducing risk of Alzheimer's disease.
Dads Urged to Get Healthy
It's time for Father's Day, when dads around the world are celebrated for their contributions to their families. This year a physician is encouraging dads to use this special day get on a fast- track to better health.
Don't Count Out Carbs Entirely
Carbohydrates may get a bad rap, especially in relation to weight gain, but truth is they offer some vital health benefits.