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An Interview About Lance Armstrong's Cancer
One thing is certain about Lance Armstrong – he’s the most famous testicular cancer survivor on the planet. He was 25 when he was diagnosed and treated with an advanced form of the disease that had already spread to his brain.
An Ordinary Testicular Cancer Survivor’s Story
Lance Armstrong is only one of thousands of mostly young men who have battled testicular cancer and won. While the cyclist’s life after cancer story has been far more glamorous, lots of ordinary guys have had the disease threaten their manhood.
A New Way to Turn Off Prostate Cancer?
Prostate tumors can often be controlled by hormone-blocking drugs, but they may become resistant after a few years. A molecular switch could offer a new means for cancer control.
Working Out Those Prostate Proteins
Men who like to flaunt those muscles at the gym may have another reason to keep fit and active besides looking good and feeling strong.
Potential Side Effects Of Prostate Removal
To treat potentially deadly prostate cancer, the surgical removal of the prostate is sometimes necessary. The procedure can have potential side effects, including a shortened penis.
Spike in Protein Flags Cancer Growth
High levels of certain proteins appear to stimulate tumor growth. Newly discovered proteins can help doctors identify patients who are at increased risk for aggressive prostate cancer.
Seeing Through the Medical Radiation Risk Story
Imagine if you had a cancer that needed to be treated right away. The doctor orders CT scans. Would the fact that radiation exposure from the tests increases your lifetime cancer risks keep you from having the scans?
Men Have Hormonal Blues Too
Most prostate cancers are fed by male hormones called androgens. So treating the disease often involves blocking these hormones. It’s called androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), and it’s been used for decades – but not without controversy.
More Life. Less Pain. Cancer Rx Delivers Both.
Zytiga ( abiraterone acetate) received expanded use approval to treat men with advanced prostate cancer last week. In addition to extending lives, a new study has found Zytiga also keeps men feeling better during their journey.
Advanced Prostate Cancer Rx Being Reviewed
Men with metastatic prostate cancer may have a new treatment.  Radium-223 dichloride (radium-223) is designed to treat castration-resistant prostate cancer that has spread to the bone.