Health News

From Sexy to Gross
Every day, some 4,000 teenagers smoke their first cigarette. About 1,000 of them will become addicted daily smokers. Their new tobacco addiction will add to the $200 billion burden that smoking costs the United States every year. And with their first puff, these youngsters start the clock ticking toward an unhealthy - and likely fatal future. To combat this disturbing public health menace, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is requiring all cigarette packaging to be wrapped in graphic and sometimes disturbing images starting next year.
No Question - It's a Cancer Bull's-eye
Targeted therapy goes after the specific driver of an individual's cancer - a gene, a protein or surrounding tissue. A new drug delivers dramatic results in targeting lung cancer.
A Whiter Shade of Pale
With the temperatures heating up, so does the desire to spend time outdoors soaking up the rays. With talk about irreversible skin damage, including cancer and premature aging, most of us have made more of an effort to protect our skin from the sun's harsh rays.
Asian Cancer Survivers Live Longer than Caucasians
A new report says Asian patients live longer than Caucasian patients both before and after the treatment for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), which is usually caused by smoking. A recent review of 35 years of studies indicates that during single, double or triple drug chemotherapy, Asians have a longer overall survival.
Common Meds Don't Increase Cancer Risks
Terror, panic and worries raises blood pressure. And that's just what the millions of people in this country living with high blood pressure felt last year. Today, they can take a long sigh. 
Extinguishing Tobacco Deaths Around the World
Did you know that tobacco will kill 6 million people around the world this year? And by 2030, that number will be 8 million. The World Health Organization (WHO) is leading the fight against this epidemic.
Is This Marlboro Country?
The Marlboro man's rugged, macho cowboy image certainly did sell a lot of cigarettes. He had men thinking, "Let's move to Austin, get on a horse and buy some cigarettes."
Diagnosing Smoke-Less Lung Cancer
While smokers are the largest group of people diagnosed with lung cancer, surpirsingly individuals who have never smoked tobacco make up one quarter of all victims.
No Need to Take a Drag?
Patients who get lung cancer as a result of years of cigarette smoking have often tried (and failed) to quit on multiple occasions. Those who are able to suddenly and successfully quit after decades of smoking may be able to do so from a sinister cause.
Beans Beans the Magic Fruit
Isoflavones from soybeans have an amplifying effect on radiation treatment for lung cancer. In a recent study, radiologists made a concoction out of natural soybean isoflavones, a type of plant estrogen found mainly in soybeans, and injected the lung cancer cells with the concoction before applying  radiation.