Health News

Cancer Screening May Benefit Diabetes Patients
Diabetes patients may need to take extra precautions to lower their risk for cancer or catch it early.
Girls Treated for Wilms Tumor May Be at Risk for Breast Cancer
Sometimes, radiation can be a lifesaving cancer treatment. But radiation may also increase the risk for developing another cancer — and new research suggests this might have happened to some children years after radiation treatment.
Drugs May Fight Two Dismal Cancers
The development of a new cancer drug involves many years and millions of dollars. That’s one of the reasons why scientists are looking at new uses for existing drugs and combining approved drugs. This approach may work well in treating two really bad cancers.
Dualing Against Kidney and Breast Cancer
A lot is being done these days with combining medications, or changing the order in which they're taken. A new dual approach appears to be effective against deadly dual cancers. And the findings may apply to a number of cancers.
Cancer in America
Earlier this year, the American Cancer Society released the latest figures on the state of the nation's battle against the world's most dreaded disease. The good news is that cancer death rates are down across the board. The not-so-good news is that less educated Americans are dying prematurely in greater numbers.
Illegal Drugs Aren't the Only Kind That Kill
Avastin®, a cancer drug, has been shown to increase patient death from adverse events when used in conjunction with chemotherapy or biological therapy, according to new analysis of previous studies.