Health News

TBI and Pesticide Increase Risk of Parkinson's
While the exact causes of Parkinson’s disease (PD) are unknown, it is likely to be from a mixture of environmental and genetic factors. Having exposure to more than one risk factor could increase the chances of developing the disease.
Smoking in Cars with Kids
It is known that secondhand smoke can be harmful to those exposed, especially in confined spaces like cars. 
Extra Activity, Extra Satisfaction
When life's got you down and things aren't going well, maybe lack of exercise is to blame. Young adults are more satisfied and happy with life on days they exercise. Two new research studies have found out why.
Parenting After the Death of a Child
Each year about 42,000 infants and children die in the U.S, a staggering and upsetting fact.
Parenting a Child With Diabetes
Each year, more than 30,000 people, both children and adults, are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. When a person is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, which often happens in childhood, an entire lifestyle change is needed.
Why Does Violence Affect Health?
Experiencing violence as a child raises the risk of health problems later in life. A new study is trying to understand why this risk is higher.
A Smile's Positive Effect
A smile comes naturally when we are feeling good. But what is the science behind this automatic expression of joy? How is smiling received in another person? How does it effect our physical health? How can it effect the wellbeing of others who weren't even directly exposed to it?
Co-Parenting Through Technology
Over one million children experience divorce each year. Having a positive co-parenting relationship is one of the most important challenges a divorced couple will face.
Does Dad Matter?
The transition from childhood to adolescence can be a bumpy one. It is a time where peers become much more important, and parents less so. At least, that’s how parents feel.
Are You Ready for the Hurricane?
When a tropical storm or hurricane watch or warning is underway, there is more you can do that anxiously watch news weather forecasts. You can prepare. Taking steps to protect your life, your loved ones and your property can reduce the damage from a hurricane or tropical storm. Prepare for an oncoming hurricane or tropical storm. First, learn and store numbers and addresses of necessary references. This includes the local emergency management office, law enforcement and public safety, hospitals, utilities and Red Cross. Also know which TV stations and radio stations will kee...