Health News

Less Salt for a Healthier Heart
Most Americans eat more salt than government dietary guidelines recommend. Research suggests it may be unwise to eat so much salt, as it might be harmful to your health.
Walk to Work for Your Heart
Besides saving money on gas and avoiding traffic jams, walking or biking to work may have considerable health benefits.
Can Vitamin D Lower Blood Pressure?
Supplementing their daily diet with extra doses of certain nutrients is how many people seek better health. Vitamin D is one supplement that some people take in hopes of lowering high blood pressure. But whether vitamin D actually reduces that problem is an ongoing question.
“Beet” High Blood Pressure
You probably know the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It may be time to follow a new saying: “A cup of beet juice a day keeps the high blood pressure away.”
Less Salt, More Potassium for Heart Health
Put down that saltshaker—it could save your life. Growing evidence shows cutting back on salt consumption reduces blood pressure and, in turn, the risk of stroke and heart disease.
Too Much Salt for Toddlers
It may be convenient to pick up prepackaged meals designed for babies and toddlers at the grocery store. Yet these meals may contain higher than recommended amounts of sodium.
Energy Drinks Get Your Heart Pumping
Most people down energy drinks if they want an extra boost. Yet that extra energy boost may translate into small boosts in blood pressure too.
How To Save a Half Million Lives
Heart disease is one of the leading killers in the United States. Too much salt in your diet is a risk factor for heart disease and other heart problems. So could reducing salt save lives?
Two Sides to Every Coin
One study found evidence to support the use of diuretics in treating high blood pressure in obese patients. But this doesn’t mean that methodology works across the board.
Meditation Boosts Heart Health
Meditation may not be high on your to-do list if you have a busy lifestyle. It makes sense to find time to unwind because the added relaxation may offer your heart a boost.