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An Hour a Day to Keep Breast Cancer Away
Research has demonstrated that physical activity lowers the risk of breast cancer. What hasn’t been clear are the specifics – how long and how intense the exercise needs to be to cut risks. A new study drills down on how exercise can reduce a postmenopausal woman's chances of developing breast cancer.
Breast Cancer Survivors Swelling
Women who’ve lived through breast cancer often experience lingering effects from treatment. One of those effects is arm swelling. Researchers recently defined how often this swelling occurs, which women are most at risk and what can be done to help prevent the condition.
Breast Cancer Survivors Get Healthier
There’s nothing like a cancer diagnosis to make a person sit up and take notice of how they’ve been taking care of themselves. So do breast cancer survivors engage in healthier habits after treatment?
Does Vitamin D Prevent Breast Cancer?
Vitamins and minerals tend to go through popularity stages. Fish oil has been all the rage. Now it’s being called into question. Vitamin E has had a similar fate. Scientists recently focused on vitamin D and breast cancer prevention.
A Workout a Day May Keep Cancer Away
There have been several advances in breast cancer treatment. But it is natural to wonder if you could do something to avoid the disease. Researchers believe exercise may help fight off breast cancer.
Fatty Fish Slim Breast Cancer Risks
You may have heard that fatty fish is good for you. Tuna, sardines and salmon contain a type of fat that helps the immune system and blood vessels. Scientists are now finding that fatty fish may help lower cancer risks.
Exercising is Fun with Phone Support
It's easier to be active when there's someone to keep you in line. Some cancer patients can stay on track with the help of a phone buddy.
Moving Beyond Breast Cancer
Being physically active is one of the best things breast cancer survivors can do for themselves. Are they moving? Recent research tracked the physical activity patterns of breast cancer survivors.
Ladies, Go Light on the Dairy
Who doesn’t love a bowl of ice cream? Or cheese? What about a dollop of half and half to make that cup of coffee creamy and luscious? You may love these things, but your body might not.
Exercise Moot with Early Cancer
Exercise is useful in the fight against invasive cancer. But the effect exercise has on early forms of breast cancer might be different.