Health News

Loony Macaroony
South Florida Bakery is issuing a voluntary recall on all lot codes of Publix Bakery Coconut Macaroons ( Coquitos ).
This Cheese Stinks
Shuckman’s Fish Co. of Louisville, KY is updating their recall of its 8 ounce packages of Mooney’s Kentucky Bourbon Cheese and ValuMarket Beer Cheese Spread because they may contain undeclared soy and anchovy puree.
So Bland It's Being Recalled
Unified Grocers is recalling Mariegold Baking White Bread (24 oz) and Vallarta Premium White Bread (24 oz) because they may contain undeclared milk.
Okra from the Magic Valley
Magic Valley Fresh Frozen, Inc. announced on Feb. 1 that it is voluntarily recalling 6,492 packages of frozen breaded okra because they may contain undeclared whey.
No Almond Joy Here
Publix Super Markets is voluntarily recalling its tiramisu ice cream due to an undeclared almond ingredient that could lead to allergies in those with sensitivity or allergies to nut products.
Kentucky, We Have a Problem
Shuckman's Fish Co. from Kentucky is recalling two of their products due to undeclared soy, which could cause a serious allergic reaction in certain people.
Aspirin Can Become a Pain in the Butt, Literally
Low-dose acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), also known as aspirin, is commonly used to reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events. Now, new research shows that low-dose aspirin is associated with mucosal breaks.
Watch Out for Nutty Squid
King & Prince Seafood is recalling their calamari rings due to potential peanut contamination from soy flour, which could be life threatening for people with a peanut allergy.
Maize Milk Mishap
Pretzels, Inc. out of Indiana is voluntarily recalling packages of Corn Pops due to an undeclared milk ingredient, which can pose serious health risks for people with a milk intolerance.
Take Those Shrimp Off the Barbie!
Rich Products Corporation has issued a voluntarily recall of their deveined barbecue shrimp due to an undeclared milk ingredient used to coat the shrimp.