Health News

Serious Crohn's Patients More Fatigued
Nearly two-thirds of patients with long-term major stomach troubles feel tired and weak.
Low Feeling in the Gut
Stomach distress can put extra distress on persons with long-term stomach problems-- even those who have little to no pain, the problem still persists.
Meds Safe for Crohn's Surgery
For Crohn's patients going under the knife, it's okay to take certain meds to help the immune system do its job. A recently published study found that patients given a certain drug therapy before surgery does not increase their chances of getting sick from the procedure.
One Tummy Fix for Other Troubles
One stomach ache here can cause another kind of stomach ache there. And if that's the case, can one treatment help out both?
New Drug for Kids With Crohn's
Treatments that do exist for Crohn's disease (CD) don't always work for everyone, kids included. But a new remedy helping adults with their stomach issues may work for children. Is it safe for the little ones?
The Bugs That Cause the Stomach Bug
Thousands of teeny tiny microbes live in your stomach and body on a regular basis. But too much of certain unseen bugs could mean the start of long-term stomach problems.
Upping the Dose in Crohn's Treatments
Easing the discomfort with Crohn's disease remains a difficult task. Though the troubles could be swayed with two medicines, the effects are temporary.
The Crohn's Lifestyle
Crohn's disease can be a pain in the butt and gut. While there are many drug treatment options to manage the condition, making changes to your diet and lifestyle can play a huge role in controlling Crohn's disease.
New Drug for Crohn's Patients
Maybe this is the end of long-term stomach aches and pains, at least for patients with Crohn's disease who don't respond to the common treatment.
A Safe Tummy Test
It can take a lot of poking, cash and time to find out what that stomach problem is. For kids, it can be even more difficult to deal with the prodding.