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Unhappy Marriages May Lead to Unhealthy Hearts
A bad marriage can be a real heartbreaker. That’s the message from a new study that looked at how marriage affects the development of heart disease over time.
America's Unhappiest States
Gallup and Healthways created a list that ranks US states according to their "Well-Being Index." Here's the list of America's unhappiest states in 2013.
A Positive Attitude Lifts the Heart
Don’t underestimate the power of positive thinking. Patients with cardiovascular disease who keep up a sunny view may increase physical activity and add years to their lives.
Being Happy Helps the Heart
Most times, it's much more pleasant to be around cheerful people. Naturally, cheeriness is positive, and it could actually impact the chances of developing heart troubles.
More Than the Mind in Mental Health Care
It's known that people diagnosed with psychiatric disorders also struggle with physical illness. Such physical illness may be leading to deaths that could be avoided.
Man’s Best Friend Just Got Better
Want to improve your heart health? Let it go to the dogs. Owning a pet, particularly a dog, could reduce your risk of heart disease.
A Weak Link of Broken Hearts--EMBARGOED until 11:01pm CST on 3/23/13
The effects of a mother's body on her developing child are still mysterious in many ways. For example, the possible effects of emotional stress on a baby aren't totally understood.
Being Warm Hearted: Good for Your Heart!
It's said that helping others can make you feel better. Now there is evidence that helping others might actually improve your physical health as well.
Chin Up to Stay Healthy
Teens from financially struggling backgrounds often have poorer health than teens from higher income backgrounds. But not all low-income teens have poorer health. What's their secret?
A Weak Heart, a Broken Heart
The mind-body connection is more than just the fact that your mind exists within your body. Researchers are discovering more every day about how the two interact.