Health News

Most Overdoses Involved Opioids
When taken incorrectly, prescription medications may be just as deadly as illegal drugs. Recent research found that most overdoses involved prescription opioids.
Experts Say Opioids May Not Be Worth Risk for Some Conditions
In recent years, opioids have become a safety concern for some health officials. The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) recently released a statement on opioid use to address this problem.
September 27 Is Prescription Drug Take-Back Day
The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), with the help of nearly 4,000 smaller law agencies, will host the ninth and final National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 27.
DEA Puts Tighter Controls on Hydrocodone Combination Pills
The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has taken action to control the widespread abuse of narcotic painkillers. The agency has placed tighter restrictions on products containing one of the most common painkillers available.
Benzo Abuse Appeared Uncommon
While certain medications can be valuable treatment options, they also may come with a risk of dependence and abuse. A recent study looked at the risks related to a type of medication used to treat anxiety and insomnia.
Ice Pack For Freezing Surgical Pain
Lessening the pain that frequently follows major abdominal surgery is critical as patients begin their recovery. Strong, pain-relieving opioid medications typically are prescribed at the start of that healing process.
Teenage Rx Abuse Continues
Teenagers have been using prescription medications for recreational purposes. Parents and teachers may be able convince teens that non-medical use of prescriptions is dangerous.
Don’t Eat That! It’s Grown-Up Candy
Small children have a tendency to put things in their mouths that they shouldn’t. Food or drinks containing marijuana have created a unique problem for adults with children.
Adderall Trending on Twitter
College kids have been abusing Adderall to help them study for a while now. But thousands of tweets about Adderall suggest that Adderall abuse has become too much of the norm.
Safety First Means Sober Driving
Sober drivers get in car crashes every day. Adding alcohol, drugs or prescription medications to the equation can really compound the risk for winding up in a wreck.