Health News

Depressed Vets at Risk for Early Death
Although veterans are at risk for developing post-traumatic stress syndrome, they also should be aware for other mental health conditions, such as a depression.
"Top Gun" Director Tony Scott Dies
Tony Scott, the man who brought movies like "Top Gun," "Enemy of the State" and "Man on Fire" to the big screen, died Sunday in an apparent suicide at age 68.
"SuperMoms" More Prone to Depression
You may have seen the studies trumpeting the higher amount of life satisfaction found among parents. Or the studies that found lower levels of well-being among parents. So which is it?
Watch for Teen Suicide Signs
While adolescence tends to be a tough time for most people, the experience can become overwhelming when multiple pressures or problems are occurring at once.
Prenatal Yoga for Prenatal Depression
While most people have heard of postpartum depression, prenatal depression can also affect about one in five women. Yoga might be one method to deal with these emotions.
Depression & Palliative Care
Communicating psychological pain to doctors is just as important as reporting physical pain when being treated with palliative care. It’s vital for doctors to know if the patient is facing depression.
How Loneliness Affects Seniors' Health
Loneliness can creep into your life at any age. But it's a more common problem among older adults, who can easily become isolated and detached from friends and family.
New Mom? Tell Us All About It!
Becoming a mom brings along all kinds of new responsibilities, emotions and stresses. Sharing these experiences with others can be one way to cope with the changes.
Guns are Risky Around Kids
Talking to parents about their children's risk of suicide can be as difficult as identifying a suicidal teen. A culture of familiarity with guns can complicate the discussion.
Parental Conflicts Create Child’s Problems
A child’s first glimpse of the world is through his or her parents. These early experiences will significantly shape who he or she become later in life, and marital problems may have long lasting negative effects.