Health News

It's Something in the Air: Pollution and Health
You've got to breathe to live, but breathing polluted air could put you at risk of health problems.
Concerns About Common Cholesterol Rx Abound
Patients like to think medications will simply make them better, but often, side effect risks are involved. Some experts are expressing concerns that these risks are too great for a common cholesterol medication.
Air Particles and Your Heart Health
Just take a deep breath — unless the air is polluted, that is. Ultrafine particles in polluted air may be tied to heart disease.
This Rx Combo Could Raise Risks After Heart Attack
Some things just don’t go together. NSAIDs and anti-clotting medications may be among those things.
Exercise: How Even a Little May Help Older Hearts
Older adults with reduced mobility may not move around a lot, but a little activity may go a long way in maintaining their heart health.
Stroke Patients May Need to Put the Brakes on Driving
While some stroke survivors may resume routine activities, not all return to their normal abilities. Even a mild stroke can make driving a dangerous proposition.
How Your Blood Pressure May Affect Your Future Heart Health
Your blood pressure is more than just a number. In younger adults, it may help determine future heart disease risk.
Screening for Disease: What Are the Benefits?
Screening for cancer and other serious diseases is the norm, but does it always help patients?
Aspirin Can't Replace Healthy Lifestyle
When it comes to heart health, many patients hope for a magic pill to prevent problems. Some thought that magic pill might be aspirin, but aspirin might not do the trick for everyone.
Not Everyone Benefits from Stenting
To stent or not to stent? Stenting works well to prevent strokes most of the time, but it may pose risks to some patients.