Health News

Statins and Memory Loss? Forget About It
One lifesaving drug may have even fewer side effects than previously thought.
Stand up for Your Health at Work
Eyeing that sit-stand desk at work? It may help curb the health risks of sitting all day.
Drinking May Harm Older Hearts
If you're over 65, you may want to consult your heart before you take that next sip.
Get a Grip on Your Health
A firm handshake may indicate more than just your confident personality. Good grip strength may indicate that you're in good health.
A Hidden Risk of Depression
Depression may affect more than your brain and behavior — it may also affect your physical health. Depression may raise the risk of a life-threatening condition in older adults.
How to Choose an Anticoagulant
If you need to take an anticoagulant — popularly known as a blood thinner — you don’t want it to cause bleeding, but some might raise your bleeding risk. 
Weighing the Benefits of Statins
Cholesterol medication can be lifesaving for older patients, but that doesn't mean taking it is risk-free.
AstraZeneca Diabetes Rx May Pose Serious Health Risks
Patients taking one AstraZeneca medication may want to talk to their doctors about the drug's safety.
How Pesticides May Heighten Heart Risks
In the 1970s, the pesticide DDT was banned in the US and many other countries. Its effects, however, may linger on. To this day, pesticide exposure may increase heart health risks.
Heart Attack During Exercise: Not a Big Threat
Heart attacks can strike with no warning, even while exercising. However, middle-aged adults shouldn't be afraid to exercise, as the likelihood of sudden heart attacks may be low during vigorous activity.