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FDA Rules Mammography Still Best Screening Tool
There has been a tremendous amount of confusion about breast cancer screening in recent years. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ruled on one controversy - thermography vs. mammography.
Common Meds Don't Increase Cancer Risks
Terror, panic and worries raises blood pressure. And that's just what the millions of people in this country living with high blood pressure felt last year. Today, they can take a long sigh. 
Joy in Soy
Is it okay for women who have breast cancer and other hormone sensitive cancers to eat soy and other plant based phytoestrogens? That’s a controversy that’s been raging for several years.
Arthritis Drug may be Effective in Treating Cancer
Liver cancer isn't one of the more treatable cancers. That could be changing, though. Scientists have discovered that the common anti-inflammatory drug - Celebrex (celecoxib) - makes liver cancer cells commit suicide. This is just the latest finding showing that Celebrex may be useful in treating a number of different cancers.
Yoga Improves Breast Cancer Treatment
Breathing and relaxing are important techniques to control stress; less stress means more happiness; and more happiness is good for everyone! Yoga has hit its stride and seems to be in vogue in exercise circles these days.
New Hope for HER2 Positive Breast Cancer Patients
New research may offer new hope for treating HER2 positive breast cancer, one of the most aggressive forms of this cancer, affecting 20-30 percent of patients. Researchers have found out how the standard drug therapy - Herceptin - works.
New Tool for Predicting Breast Cancer Recurrence
Breast cancer patients may currently have genetic testing that predicts the possibility of the disease returning. These tests examine the genes in the tumor itself. Now there's a new way to look into the future.
Breast Cancer, Genes, and Environment
“Baby, you were born this way” is a newer phrase coined by Lady Gaga - for the most part you were born with a set of genes that make you look a certain way. Maybe not though!
Drug Therapy Before Surgery Shrinks Breast Cancer Tumors
Women with large breast cancer tumors usually have two options - have chemotherapy to shrink the tumor before a lumpectomy - or have the entire breast removed. Now there are gentler options.
Cup Size Matters in Breast Cancer Prevention
Your morning cups of java may do more than help you wake up. In fact, drinking many cups of coffee a day seems to protect against a dangerous, harder-to-treat form of breast cancer.