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The Stresses of Coming Home for Vets
They say you can never go home again. But thousands of veterans do, and it's not easy. But that can be a good thing.
Anxious or Depressed? Or Both?
When it rains it pours, they say. The old adage may hold more truth than expected when it comes to mental health diagnosis. Commonly, those who are diagnosed with depression are also suffering from anxiety as well. This seems to hold true for both unipolar and bipolar depressive disorders, and it presents unique challenges for both patient and clinician. Difficulties in Diagnosis Proper diagnosis of depression and anxiety disorders is difficult. For starters, patients commonly report physical symptoms, like back or chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue and loss of appeti...
Increased Stress During Active Service
There are dramatic mental health implications for those actively serving in the armed services. Recent findings reveal army suicide rates have dramatically increased in recent years.
Using a Parent's Mental Health to Predict Suicide
Mental health disorders have become increasingly prevalent in our society, and suicide remains as a tragic end result of some untreated mental illnesses.  Researchers discovered an interesting connection between the two, its conclusions opening the doors for prevention.  
The Economy's Depression Epidemic
The American Dream of a good job, home ownership and creating a better life for our children has long been the dream of many. But has that dream been shattered over the past few years of an economic recession?
Suicidal Teens Not Getting Enough Help
The teenage years are rarely easy for anyone, but for many it can be a time of severe depression or anxiety, even leading to suicidal thoughts.
Before the Troubles Begin
Researchers from the U.S. Army have found that screening for mental health conditions prior to deployment reduces psychiatric and behavioral problems among soldiers.
Veterans at Risk
A new study suggests veterans with any psychiatric illness face an increased risk of suicide and those with bipolar disorder are at an even greater risk.