RxWiki: A 23 Year Overnight Success

ePharmacy is in our DNA

Over the past 23 years, Donald Hackett and Lou Scalpati have pioneered various digital solutions in the medications industry. These solutions have led to the launching of RxWiki International.

Don and Lou’s innovations have improved patient-pharmacist communications in substantive ways, with measurable results. They deployed the first eRx app, filed the "Drug Interactions on the Internet" patent, and launched the leading MTM clinical application.

And way back in 1989, Don worked with the FDA to gain approval for the first digital advertising in the pharma industry!

  • 1990: launched the first FDA approved pharma advertising and market research network
  • 1992: deployed the first eRx app
  • 1995: launched the first IP based revenue management system
  • 1996: launched the first online EHR
  • 1998: launched the first Internet Rx Refill app with RiteAid
  • 1999: filed patent for "Internet based Drug interaction" and "Clinical Trial Recruitment"
  • 2003: launched the first genomic information website, myDNA.com
  • 2006: launched Mirixa, the leading in-pharmacy Medications Therapy Management solution
  • 2012: launched the beta version of RxWiki.com
  • 2013: launched the Life Sciences Library of digital encyclopedias
  • 2014: accepted into IBM Watson cognitive computer ecosystem