RxWiki Solutions

  • The Life Sciences Library of digital encyclopedias is created by a network of pharmacists deploying the Perpetual-Peer-Review™ editorial process.
  • is a leading website extending the pharmacy experience into the digital landscape, offering patients access to world-class medication information, health news, financial assistance programs, and pharmacy transactions.
  • The AskRx platform enables patients to obtain answers to their health and medication questions from Digital Pharmacists. Ask any question, and get answers from pharmacists with main-street experiences.
  • RxWiki's mobile app has become a 'utility' for patients on the move. With health news, medication information and the ability to order your prescription refill, RxWiki is the mobile app every patient can use.
  • RxWiki's Social Media-as-a-Service customizes Facebook pages, Twitter channels, and Google profiles, enabling patients to easily follow their favorite pharmacy.

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