RxWiki, Inc. is an innovative media company that publishes medication content, deploys eHealth applications and powers digital Medication Therapy Management (dMTM™) services.  RxWiki enables pharmacies and pharmacists to reach and engage patients with actionable news and medication information through a number of media distribution outlets and digital devices., the premier online destination for comprehensive medication information, renders the only digital medications encyclopedia for patients, created and edited exclusively by licensed pharmacists. Our crowdsourced publishing model focuses on velocity, transparency, and patient-friendly language.

From original consumer-centric news and health videos to alerts, updates, and research from the FDA, pharmaceutical, OTC, and natural supplement manufacturers, RxWiki offers trusted, timely content that empowers patients to make informed health decisions.

The RxWiki Digital Pharmacist™ Network leverages a suite of text, video, social media, and mobile solutions to deliver a wide range of personalized multimedia medication content and applications to patients at key digital touch points throughout the care workflow. RxWiki’s dMTM product and services offering enables pharmacists to connect and collaborate with their patients to promote informed decision making and self-management, increase medication adherence, and improve overall health outcomes.

As a digital media enterprise, RxWiki is focused on how the application of innovative technology and trusted content will impact changes among our healthcare system’s major players—namely patients and pharmacists.

RxWiki is unique amongst its original publisher competitors in that it offers:

  • Integration with a 'local' pharmacist to increase relevance with patients
  • Co-brand with local pharmacy to increase readership trust
  • Integrate video user-experience to expand audience reach
  • Maximize ARPU by distributing content to any patient-facing PoP: print, TV, website, mobile, SM channel
  • Produce business intelligence insights for regulatory compliance
  • Realize low-cost publisher (CCDO) advantages to maximize profitability

The RxWiki leadership team believes these unique components will enable the RxWiki brand the most trusted digital resource. RxWiki’s solutions are the culmination of forty-five years of developmental efforts of a unified delivery platform, encapsulated in a single, integrated technology platform. The company delivers a superior user experience, integrating our business logic and revenue models over Internet, Mobile, and social media environments.

Donald Hackett and Lou Scalpati founded RxWiki, Inc. in 2009.  The Board of Directors include Jamie Baskin, Lou Scalpati, and Donald Hackett.  RxWiki, Inc. is owned by Patient Conversation Media, Inc, and its employees.