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RxWiki's Ask-a-Pharmacist platform is empowering patients to make more informed decisions by digitally engaging with America's most trusted health providers — community pharmacists.

Digital Pharmacists are sharing their main-street expertise when responding to questions. Patients can easily access Ask-a-Pharmacist from Facebook, various websites and mobile apps.

With thousands of Answers in the Library, patients can easily research previous questions. Each 'answer' undergoes two levels of pharmacist review before its published. And includes links to relevant health news and condition information.

Pharmacists are gaining national recognition by doing what they do best — answering patient questions.

Market Overview

  • Patients only ask an average of two questions during MD appointments
  • 50% of patients leave MD appointments not knowing what they were told

Digital Pharmacist Network

RxWiki’s Digital Pharmacist Network represents an unparalleled resource for patients needing answers to all their medication and general health questions. Pharmacists across the spectrum of care are sharing their knowledge and expertise on a wide array of health topics.

Now, in partnership with RxWiki, Digital Pharmacists are utilizing the web like never before. RxWiki's Digital Pharmacists are able to gain national recognition by doing what they do best — answering questions from patients.

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