Properly Preparing for Springtime Sports

Protecting your child from sports-related injuries

(RxWiki News) Now that Spring is here, kids across the country have a variety of sports to choose from. Before they start kicking a ball or running for home, it's important for you and your kids to learn how to avoid sports injuries.

In a recent press release, Dr. Steven Greer of the MCGHealth Sports Medicine Center offers some tips on how to protect your child from the hazards that come with playing sports.

His recommendations include getting a physical exam before starting a sport; easing into a sport if your child hasn't exercised in a while; staying hydrated; always warming up and stretching before practice or play; and targeting exercises to the muscles your child uses most in his or her sport.

"Take the proper steps to protect your kid from sports injuries."

Greer adds that it is important for your child to wear appropriate equipment, such as a helmet for cycling sports. The kind of shoes your child wears are also key to avoiding injury. Shoes should fit properly and provide cushioning and balance.

Kids also need fuel to safely play sports. It is crucial that they eat properly, having breakfast everyday, not skipping meals, and not eating to closely to the time they are going to practice or play. If your child is low on energy, his or her chance of injury increases.

Greer concludes that sports should be fun. Even though you can't always protect your kid from injury, following Greer's advice can help your child steer clear of avoidable injuries.

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April 11, 2011